Characteristics of natural soap NURA

The hand-made natural soap NURA is made of best quality pure vegetal oils and fats. The soap gets its colour, its consistence and its other properties from flowers, herbs, spices, clay and other natural materials. The variety of ingredients offers an appropriate care for each kind of skin.


The fine fragrance of the soap comes from the ingredients themselves as well as from rich essential oils; no perfumes are added.
The soap contains neither chemical additives nor preservatives and is 100% biodegradable. In order to enjoy your soap as long as possible, keep it in a dry place.

– Olive oil soaps
– Silk soaps
– Herbal and flower soaps
– Spice soaps
– Shaving soaps
– Loofah soaps
And much more…

Soap bars of about 100g (3 ½ oz).
In addition we offer:
– Body oils
– Solid body lotions
– Cherry stone pillows

Hand-made natural soap NURA is…
… the result of handicraft skills
… made caring the details
… an eco-friendly product
… a sensual delight
… a natural care for our body
… the little luxury which we deserve every day